Meet our Cincy Native Brittany Doria! Brittany was born and raised in Cincinnati. She went to Mason High School and graduated in 2011. Brittany cheered for football and basketball competitively all four years on the varsity squad, where she developed her competitive edge in life! Brittany was also the General Manager of her High School non-profit store. During her senior year, Britt raised 20k to give to seniors for scholarships. Brittany's warm heart and ambitious personality will definitely take her places!  

Brittany went to The University of Cincinnati where she received a bachelors of science in Hospitality Management, and graduated with honors.

Brittany's goals are to open her own wedding venue by the time she's 30, and adopt two kids, as well as retire her sister by the age of 35! 





Rob Osborne was born and raised in Trenton, OH.  Hard work was instilled in Rob from the time his feet hit the ground. He considers himself to be extremely blessed to have been raised by such hard working and family oriented parents. Rob's older brother has been a huge part of his life, from teaching him about sports to teaching him all about the ins and out of business. Rob wouldn't be where he is today without him. Rob attended Edgewood high school where he played football and basketball and developed his competitive, can't lose mentality. 

Rob's hobbies are sports, spending time with friends and family, music, traveling, and going to the lake. Rob is a die hard U.K. fan. Coach Cal is the man! GO CATS. Also got a shoutout to his ride or die, his dog Bronco.

Rob's goals are to open the branch office by 2019 and to get married and start a family with with his beautiful girlfriend by 2020. Rob is super excited to start this new chapter at Uprooted and see what the future holds.



Originally from China, Jane Jin graduated from University of Nebraska with a degree in Hospitality Business. Jane has moved around a lot, visiting 3 countries and 9 USA states, but luckily she found us here at Uprooted Consulting. Outside of work, Jane loves to watch movies with her boyfriend, and her dog Coco. Jane is a fun, enthusiastic, aggressive in business but yet a soft hearted girl.

We're excited to watch Jane grow into a management position and open her office in Sunny Texas by 2019. Jane's long term goal is to be able to visit her family in China every year, and to buy her Father a brand new luxury car by 2020. Jane also wants to buy a house by 2022. 






Meet Darold! Growing up outside of Akron, this country boy decided to put hunting and fishing aside, and went to college at Kent State University. While in school, Darold not only earned his biology degree, but also gained valuable leadership skills from Kappa Sigma Fraternity. 

The skills learned combined with his strong work ethic from his parents, who both work in a factory, Darold is a great addition to the Uprooted Consulting team! He significantly grew personally and professionally in the short 3 months here, and we’re excited to watch him accomplish big things!

Darold’s goals are to open his hunting lodge to take people on guided hunts by 2030, propose to his girlfriend Chelsea by 2020, as well as buy a house by 2021.





This boss babe from Cincinnati is our youngest Corporate Trainer at Uprooted Consulting! She loves running, playing guitar, singing and surrounding herself with awesome people.

However, what Izzy loves the most is the unlimited growth opportunity in the business. She will be getting promoted to a management position by 2020, which will allow her to send her little sister Rhiannon to the college of her choice by 2027, travel to all seven continents by the age of thirty, as well as to provide an amazing life for her kids someday!






Veana is a top account executive at Uprooted Consulting. No stranger to hard work, Veana started working at his family's business at age 8, where he began to understand the value of being a business owner. Veana plans on opening his expansion office in Dallas, TX to be closer to his grandfather who is actually his role model. Being an American with Cambodian roots, Veana plans on traveling across Asia to learn all martial arts styles. Besides opening his own MMA gym, Veana is going to own two restaurants by 2022, continuing his family's legacy. Veana also has a very artistic side, which leads to his next goal of studying animation in order to bring his video games ideas to life. We're very excited to see where Veana's career takes him, and we love having him as an employee!






Originally from Burnswick, Georgia, our top corporate trainer Cal grew up playing soccer, lacrosse and football. After graduating from Georgia Southern University, he decided to follow his passion and coach college soccer. His coaching experience allowed him to travel to 25 states and 8 countries including Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Netherlands, Hungary, France, and Spain.

However, Cal soon realized that coaching was just a hobby and decided to further his career. That’s when he found us at Uprooted Consulting, and since then was able to gain hands-on experience in business, while still coaching soccer on the weekends.

Cal’s goals are to open our expansion office in Charleston, SC by 2020, found a low-income soccer club in his hometown by 2022, as well as travel to 15 countries, and all 50 states by 2025.





Despite being a Cincinnatian by heart, our former lawyer Jeff, loves traveling. During high school, his family moved to Arkansas, then Georgia, where he got the chance to explore the Southern lifestyle. To this day he travels frequently to North Carolina, and Florida to get his sunshine fix!

Coming from a musical background, Jeff has a no-quitting mentality. He started playing viola at ten years old, and while in college decided to pursue two degrees: law enforcement and paralegal studies. After working in law for five years, Jeff decided it would be beneficial for his career to gain experience in marketing as well, and that’s when he found Uprooted Consulting.

Jeff’s goals are to get promoted to management by April 2019, found his own SAAS business by 2022, as well as own a private jet by 2030.





Even tough Kate is naturally good at Marketing and Sales, she came from a very different background. Kate studied Theatre, Dance, and Biology at Ohio Wesleyan University and taught ballroom dancing for ten years before finding us at Uprooted Consulting. Her favorite part about the company is all the great relationships she has formed. Kate is looking forward to moving into a management position in the next year, and watching the company grow. 

For now, Kate is enjoying her life as a newly wed. She has been working on remodeling a 120 year old house with her husband Danny, and her fur baby Pavlov. Kate is hoping to finish remodeling in the next year, just in time to start a family!

Besides dancing, Kate also loves traveling and learning more about the world. She has been to France, England, Costa Rica, as well as Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, where she found her passion for animals. Kate was a zoo keeper for two years, and hopes to retire on a farm where she will open a wildlife sanctuary. 




No stranger to hard work, Tyler is currently attending Indiana University while working full-time. Following his father's footsteps, Tyler started his career in sales at a call center. Tired of sitting in a cubicle, he found us at Uprooted Consulting, where he can still practice his sales skills, while building relationships with customers on a face-to-face level. His favorite part about the company is the combination between a fun environment and a great growth opportunity. 

Originally from the small town of Liberty, Indiana, Tyler is a family-oriented person. He has a special bond with his two brothers Trey and Joey. His favorite things to do are traveling and attending concerts, even better when the two are combined! 

Tyler's goal is to get promoted to Assistant Management by the end of the year, and open his office in Indianapolis, IN. 




Meet our Marine Corps veteran, Randy! Growing up nearby a monster truck racing track in Northern Kentucky, Randy found his passion in competitive racing which ultimately turned into a career. He was a motor transportation operator in the military for four years, and after getting injured, decided to put on a suit and further his career in Marketing and Sales.  

Randy's goal is to travel and see all continents by the time he is 30 years old, as well as own a Ferrari by 2021.